Qualcomm sued against Apple for retarding the power of chips

In a suit filed with the Southern California court, Qualcomm accused Apple of breach of contract and deliberately slowing down its network chips.

In January, Apple sued Qualcomm for $1 billion. Yesterday, the world’s largest chipmaker has officially responded to the case. Accordingly, they opposed Apple’s arguments and sued against the iPhone maker.

Case details were in the 139-page PDF document released by Qualcomm. In particular, it was noteworthy that Taiwan-based chipmaker accused Apple of deliberately not using up its network chip potential. This made the model using chips from Intel have the same speed.

Apple itself has stated there is no difference between the two variants using Qualcomm and Intel chips.

Qualcomm claims that Apple has not revealed to consumers that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus using Qualcomm’s network chip are much faster than Intel’s. In addition, Apple has threatened them to keep silent about the difference, preventing Qualcomm from making any comparisons of the performance of the two products.

In the suit, Qualcomm said Apple violated the contract. Apple has influenced the company for misrepresentation. In addition, Apple has used a huge market advantage to force Qualcomm to enforce unfair terms.

In January, Qualcomm was accused by the US FTC of seriously violating fair competition laws by bribing smartphonemakers, particularly Apple, to use its chips exclusively.

Within a few days, Apple sued the chip maker and demanded $1 billion compensation. This is the amount confirmed by Apple that Qualcomm has deliberately retained because Apple cooperated with investigators.

Tim Cook said that Apple had no choice when it sued Qualcomm, even if the two companies were and will work together.

The lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple is still ongoing. Qualcomm is currently investigating their losses due to Apple’s failure to comply with the contract as well as the beneficial intervention in the iPhone and iPad component agreements.

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