Qualcomm develops fingerprint sensors across the screen, water and metal

Qualcomm has announced the next generation fingerprint sensor technology which allows scanners to not only dip beneath the smartphone display but also anywhere on the device.

Fingerprint Sensors is considered to be the next level of Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint recognition technology that Qualcomm developed earlier. This fingerprint sensor can be embedded under an OLED screen with a thickness of 1200 μm, other glasses of 800 μm or even under 525 μm of steel. In other words, Qualcomm’s new fingerprint scanner can be embedded underneath the aluminum cover on the back of the phone and can work without any problems.

Apart from its ability to be mounted anywhere on the phone, Fingerprint Sensors offer other benefits, such as the use of ultrasonic technology to work through water. This allows the user to unlock the phone when the device is still wet or when the hands are sweating. Qualcomm’s next sensor comes with sound waves that reflect the user’s skin to scan the print; therefore it works through the water without problems which means you can unlock your phone without a problem staying in the gym, under the rain or even in the pool as well as the ocean.

According to a Qualcomm executive, the company expects the new fingerprint sensor to be designed to work with well-shaped, advanced devices that offer unique authentication and enhanced security functionality. This gives OEMs and other equipment suppliers a high value and breakthrough product.

Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor will be available to partners later this month, but users will only be able to access commercial products in the first half of next year.

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