Protect your computer from WannaCry

Updating your operating system, backing up your data, wary of strange files, or using anti-virus software is a simple way to help protect your computer against WannaCry storm.

According to BBC statistic, the number of computers affected by ransomware has reached 200,000, in 150 countries. The figure is expected to continue to increase today and the next days, as people have started returning to work and using computers.

How to protect your computer from this WanaCry malicious code?

Continuously update the operating system

Install the official patch (MS17-010) from Microsoft to patch the SMB Server exploit exploited in this attack. Particularly for Windows XP PCs, use the latest updates dedicated to this issue at: Https://… Or search by keyword “KB4012598 update” on the Microsoft home page. According to Market Watch, this is a very important security upgrade, which can prevent WannaCry, so users need to download it soon.

Perform a Critical Area Scan to detect the fastest infections (otherwise the infections will be detected automatically but after 24 hours).

If malware is detected as the name MEM: Trojan.Win64.EquationDrug.gen, need to reboot the system.

For organizations and businesses (specifically system administrators), it is necessary to immediately check the servers and temporarily block services that are using 445/137/138/139 ports.

Take early, appropriate, and timely measures for your organization’s Windows servers. Make snapshots of virtualisation servers to avoid being attacked.

Take measures to update the workstation is using the Windows operating system; Update the database for the currently used Antivirus Endpoint servers. For systems that do not use these tools, they need to deploy the latest and most up-to-date Endpoint software for workstations.

Take advantage of the existing information security solutions available in the organization such as Firewall, IDS / IPS, SIEM … to monitor and protect the system in this sensitive time. Update the latest version from security vendors for available solutions. Perform blocking, tracking domains are malicious code WannaCry used, to identify the infected computers in the network to remedy in time.

Backup Data

If your important data is on the computer, the risk of losing your data is very high. It’s a good idea to store them on an external hard drive – where there’s no Internet – or cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Apple iCloud, or Microsoft OneCloud… These services may be attacked, the security mechanism of these services is still better than on your computer.

Be careful with strange files

If you do not trust, you should not click on any links, files are sent to, absolutely not download the suspicious file. The most common way that hackers often trick users is clicking on links or “irritating” files via email, so you should not do this unless they are reliable.

Be careful with the strange files and links not only protect yourself but also protect the network you are using, because when your computer is infected with WannaCry, that system is highly likely to be infected.

Use anti-virus software

To prevent ransomware in general and WannaCry in particular, you should install your computer a powerful anti-virus software, from famous software vendors such as Kaspersky, Avast, AVG… Then you need to turn on the Real-time protection processing for your computer (usually activated), regularly scan for viruses and updates to this software.

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