Pictures of secret device is said to be Apple’s ‘wireless future’

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently released a detailed picture of Apple’s new wireless device, codenamed A1844, which is expected will be its secret weapon in the future.

In the patent application, Apple described the A1844 as a power dissipation, supporting Bluetooth and wireless communication device.
Apple is developing smart home applications – most notably the HomeKit software allows manufacturers to make locks and other products compatible with the iPhone.
Apple has never released any plans related to the production of hardware for the smarthome, so the A1844 was paid special attention by the professionals.
It is possible that this product will only be produced in limited quantities for pre-orders or for use in the Apple Park area, which will open next month.
Based on leaked information, some experts say that high-capacity A1844 is a new Apple router or AirPort.
Apple has not yet made any comment about this product.

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