Phone embedded with 360-degree camera

According to TheVerge, PRoTruly has released Darling a new phone which is the first phone embedded with 360 degree camera allows users to take pictures and record videos in all direction at once.


Darling seems to let users preview those video records as strange globes and able to upload them to many sites such as YouTube or Facebook that now support 360 degree video. To have this feature on their phone, PRoTruly equipped the phone with an enormous camera protrusion on both the front and back.

There are two version of the Darling being made: a standard model and a glitzier model. According to China Daily, the standard version costs about $600 USD and the other about $1,300 USD. The phone now is only available in China.

Both the version has the same in specs. Mashable report that the phone has 5.5 inch on display with 1080p, a Media Tek processor, 4 GB RAM, 64GB of internal storage, 13MP camera on both sides and a 3560 mAh battery. The phone also is equipped with a USB-C port and running Android Marshmallow. Besides, it has fingerprint sensor on the back.

The only difference between 2 versions is the standard model uses plastic cover where as the higher end uses leather, a strip of gold and embeds 4 diamonds.


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