“Panic detection” help protect Android from malware

The latest upgrade for Android-based smartphones has built-in anti-malware protection.

According to XDA-Developers, Google has integrated a panic detection into the Android 7.1 update that allows smartphone users to escape urgently from unwanted applications.

Specially, the panic detection is not a form of icon that can easily be seen on the screen, it is equipped on the back of the smartphone. Users operate this special feature by tapping it four times in the back cover of the device.

Google was very delicate when applying psychological principles to the above function. Instinctively, once the smartphone has a problem, users tend to tap the back several times to get it working again.

When the panic detection is activated, software programs are forced to close and return to the main screen. Then, user can locate the offending application and remove it from the device.

This feature has not activated automatically yet, however, it is still in Google testing phase. Users can experiment by editing the config.xml of their existing Android device.

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