Oppo brings VOOC fast charging technology to F9, charging 5 minutes for 2 hours

Oppo’s proprietary Fast Charging Technology is now available in the upcoming F9 product, which is also the highlight of this launch.

Smartphones are increasingly popular and replace the “brick” phones – one charge a week. But the biggest fear of using smartphones is that the battery is running out of time, not enough time spent learning, working and entertaining.

Understanding the needs of users, Oppo integrates VOOC charging technology – previously only appearing on high-end smartphones, for model F9, model in the midrange segment.

VOOC is a combination of hardware on both the charger and the phone, which makes charging much better and safer. The 5 levels make it easier to charge the device, the power is checked to prevent overcharging. The charger adapter, the overload protection at the charging port and the internal battery, the charger can Shut off in the event of a problem.

Oppo F9 is unveiled featuring VOOC technology for fast charging.

Since its launch, VOOC has become a feature that has helped Oppo dominate the phone market. According to the company, although shortening the battery charge to 50% compared to other phones, Oppo still control the temperature below 35 degrees Celsius to not affect the use of equipment.

According to Gsmarena, the Oppo F9 will feature a 6.3-inch IPS display with a brightness of 450 nit. The defective screen of the machine is made smaller than the “junior” version. At the same time, the Oppo F9 screen bezel is thinner. Dual cameras will be brought up first on the F series. This is still the company’s strength when it comes to dual-band cameras with 16MP and 2MP resolutions, selfie camera with 25MP resolution, f/2.0 aperture, AI support.

Oppo F9 with a delicate diamond design backdrop.

In addition, Oppo’s new model uses gradient-shift technology, two primary colors that are light red and dusky green, with diamond-shaped backdrops. Oppo F9 will be launched in the near future, aimed at users with high demand and fast charging.

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