Only 2% of Mac users want to choose Windows as their alternative platform

The number of Windows users in the United States wants to migrate to Mac OS by 12%, whereas only 2% Mac’s users want to use Windows.

According to The Verto Analytics, most of Mac’s user in the United States does not want to migrate to the other platforms with 98% approval rate. Meanwhile, 21% of laptop user and 25% of Windows desktop user wants to migrate to Mac in the next six months.

The figures also showed that people thinking about Mac are earning a higher income (average $150.000 or more), while people earning $20.000 each year also planning to have a Macbook. Many young people also tend to ask their parents to by a Mac instead of buying another platform.

With the advantages of software as well as the finishing of hardware and design, Mac is increasingly popular with users. In 2015, when IBM allowed their employees to choose Windows or Mac devices, they chose Apple product.

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