OFFICIAL: Samsung announced Bixby virtual assistant

Samsung has officially announced new virtual assistant – Bixby, and released some of its features before launching on March 29.

Accordingly, Bixby will be integrated into super product – Galaxy S8 and is the most prominent feature of the product. However, the report said, S8 and S8 Plus are not proprietary technology. Bixby will be shared to other Internet-connected devices in the future.

Samsung’s new stance is that machines need to learn and adapt to humans instead of humans having to learn to manipulate machines as before. Interface on the machine must be natural and intuitive, able to meet all the requirements of the user. With this new approach, Samsung has successfully applied Artificial Intelligence (AI), incorporating concepts into the core of user interface design, and Bixby is the result of this endeavor.

Samsung also said Bixby is a new user interface on devices. Unlike other voice assistants or virtual assistants on the market, Bixby basically offers a deeper experience with three features: simplicity, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance. (Able to understand all commands with incomplete information).

In the future, Bixby will be gradually used on all devices. You can control the air conditioner or TV via Bixby. When connected to the Internet, in the condition that the device is connected to the internet and the board connects to Bixby, the Bixby ecosystem will be developed rapidly, from smartphones to all user gadgets.

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