Nokia P1 (Nokia 8) WILL be Released in Q2 2017

Nokia has launched three popular smartphones Nokia 6, 5 and 3, along with the Nokia 3310. However, Nokia has not revealed anything about the Nokia 8 2017 at 2017 MWC yet and the customer is still waiting for Nokia flagship smartphone model.

There have a lot of rumors about Nokia 8 even though Nokia still has no official announcement. It looks like Nokia has some things ready for the 2017 Nokia 8. There is also information that Nokia is going to launch its flagship phone with the codenamed Nokia P1. This phone is going to be released in a separate event.

Nokia keeps the launching date of its flagship handset secretly, but analysts say the new Nokia phone may be available in quarter 2 2017.


Although this model will not be much different from the most anticipated devices in 2017, some people still hope the machine will not have too high prices. According to rumors, Nokia’s 128GB version will cost $ 779, while the 256BG will cost about $ 900. This is just speculation and prices may change in the near future.

The Nokia 8207 is said to have a 5.5-inch display. Meanwhile, a host of new reports said the machine only has a 5.2-inch display. Nokia has not confirmed or denied anything yet.

The launching date, pricing and configuration features of Nokia 8 2017 are still a question now, but the official announcement of the phone may soon be launched by Nokia.

Some rumor pictures of Nokia 8


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