Nokia 3310 is making comeback this month

The world’s unbreakable phone will be in the limelight once again…

Nokia 3310 is making comeback

According to the Venture Beat, the iconic Nokia handset 3310 expected to get a reboot and launch at the MWC in Barcelona at the end of this month.

HDM Global, a Finnish company with the exclusive right to make phone under the Nokia name, also brings other Nokia phones including the Nokia P1, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 but Nokia 3310 is widely expected to be displayed at this event.

For many Nokia fans, Nokia 3310 is the most popular feature phone which includes a huge number of outstanding features. It is known for its near- indestructible build, having strong battery was able to last 55 hours on standby.

Nokia 3310 also have four new pre-installed games including the highly famous Snack II. The design of the phone can be chopped and changed like its predecessor with both the front and rear covers interchangeable.

It would be great if HMD make this phone connect to modern day SIM cards , the 4G network and modern messaging standard without losing the durability and battery life.

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