Nest launched two-factor authentication to protect your data

Nest has finally launched two-factor authentication to prevent hackers from accessing user’s camera or any other personal information.

Users can activate the new security features through Account Security in Nest’s control application. This allows you to receive a verification code via text each time they sign in to their account. However, there is one thing that users need to note is to restart and log in right after switching the aforementioned feature.

This action helps consumers feel more secure about the attacks on Nest products. Back in early 2016, Princeton’ researchers discovered that the zip code of the thermostat from Nest had leaked on the internet, although the company quickly patched the flaw. Other security researchers have also discovered that attackers can use Nest as the key to gaining control over the victim’s home. Validating two-factor authentication based on Nest’s text is not necessarily the safest. However, it still has an extra layer of password to keep people’ documents safe on Nest data.

It is known that Nest is a business enterprise thermostat, smoke detector with network connection. The company was founded by Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell, two legendary iPod design engineers, but was bought by Google in 2014 for $ 3.2 billion. After returning to Google, Nest continued to be operated by Fadell.

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