Nearly no camouflage, the new generation Porsche Cayenne is ready to debut

The new generation of Porsche Cayenne is coming closer to the official launch date, which has been further confirmed by a recently discovered Cayenne tester with very little camouflage.

The new SUV, manufactured at the Leipzig plant, will carry a lot of styling from the current design being used on the Panamera. At the same time, the new generation Cayenne will also share technology and transmission from the new GT version.

The stylish signs borrowed from the Panamera are quite apparent on the Cayenne, particularly the air intake holes on the bumper and front, although the headlights and taillights are still obscured by several layers of puppets. This also means that the design of the lamp units will be innovative compared to the 4-LED models on the current Porsche 911 or Panamera.

With a lot of similarity to Panamera,  Porsche Cayenne powertrain options will continue to be borrowed from its brother, including 3.0-liter V6 turbochargers and single 2.9 liter dual turbocharger V6 is equipped in petrol cars.

The sports car form Germany will also introduce the Cayenne Turbo variant, using the 4.0 liter V8 supercharge engine. Accurate output figures remain undisclosed, but it is expected to be closer to Panamera’s power.

Sharing Volkswagen MBL Evo platform with the Audi Q7 and Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne will use the same architecture as the two cars, including auxiliary equipment such as the Q7 and Bentley electric compressors.

Autorcar’s report showed that the electrification tech will continue to be used in Cayenne range, with the hope of a standard 470-horsepower hybrid derived from the turbocharged gasoline engine. The 2.9-liter, as well as a hybrid variant of the internal combustion engine, is a 680Hp biturbo V8 unit Cayenne’s powertrain is enhanced by dual-clutch replacements for the Torsen central zero-slip differential- familiar on Audi and Bentley. For the new generation of Cayenne, the car will traditionally use an automatic torque converter (8 stages), unlike Panamera’ dual clutch and most Cayenne’s variants will sent power to the wheel via full-time four-wheel driver.

Moreover, Porsche Cayenne is expected to have pneumatic suspension springs and active PASM (both optional). From these images, Cayenne seems to be ready for the premiere, and it is likely that it will be set to launch in Frankfurt on September 16.

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