Mozilla brings its private web browser Firefox Focus to Android

After being released by Mozilla for iOS last year, Firefox Focus is now available on the Google Play Store with some additional features.

According to CNET, Firefox Focus is a mobile browser with fast browsing speed, which enhances privacy and simplicity. One of the most striking features of the app is blocking users’ online activity tracking ads. Your search data on Wikimedia will no longer be cached, while ad tracking might also slow down the browsing experience on your mobile device.

Focus highlights the community interest in protecting personal data as well as the reach of advertisers. Browsers are now integrated with incognito mode to prevent websites from tracking user activity.

Firefox focus allows users to control what information is shared with third-party companies. Extensive privacy enables users to delete their browsing sessions with one click. This new feature will eliminate clutter by clicking tabs and menus.

The Android version of the Focus also includes some new features not yet available on iOS. The ad monitor will show you how many ads Focus have blocked. If the site cannot load, you may have to disable the blocker.

Finally, if Firefox Focus is running in the background of your phone, you will receive a prompt to clear your browsing history to keep your activities private.

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