Million-dollar truck for the end of the world

An Austrian company has unveiled a heavy-duty truck of eight tons, ensuring the survival of four people at the same time if the end of the world happens.

Action Mobil has introduced the Globecruiser Family 7500, which is advertised for those who want to experience long journeys in harsh conditions, even for the end of the world, according to Mirror.
The Family 7500 uses a 6×6 chassis, a 530hp engine, which allows it to overtake many rough terrain and complex terrain. The rear rack can carry a cargo box or smaller means.
The car is 10 m long, 3.8 m high and weighs up to 8 tons. In addition to the $ 765,000 base model, customers can order more options with up to a million dollars in value.
Fuel tank of up to 400 liters ensures enough fuel for the car to run for several days in a row.
Spacious car interior, fully equipped with living room / dining room, kitchen, separate bedroom and toilet.
The kitchen is equipped with a high level sink, microwave, refrigerator and electric stove. The Family 7500 is capable of storing up to 1,000 liters of water, allowing one user for 50 consecutive days.
Two 2400W air conditioners ensure that the interior is always in the most comfortable condition. The car also has a TV and satellite pan system.
The toilet is full of everything, including towel rack. The only thing missing is the shower and bathtub.
The back of the car is a bunk bed for two children and a bedroom with an adult double bed.
The chassis is powered by a 240-watt solar cell that ensures the power supply of critical equipment even when the car runs out of fuel. All are controlled through the central table.

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