Microsoft will show the new device next month, but no Surface Pro 5 or Surface Phone

Microsoft is holding a big event in New York City on May 2nd.

In general, we look forward to this kind of event to experience a new Surface device however it is expected that there is no Surface Pro 5 tablet and even-longer-awaited “Surface Phone” smartphone debuting at this event. Instead, this event will concentrate on education and creativity, following releasing of the Windows 10 Creators Update. According some news, there will have some new devices however we still do not know what exactly they are.

Previously, reports showed that Microsoft was working on a new Surface Book laptop that would ditch its signature screen detachment feature in favor of the traditional clamshell. Moreover, Microsoft is working on a new version of Window 10 to have a position in educational market, where Chromebook of Google is gradually beating Apple and narrowing the Windows’s lead.

Although Microsoft does not say anything until May 2nd, it seems like a reasonable deduction that this event could see the launch of a cheaper and more traditional Surface Book Laptop and version Windows 10 Cloud.

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