Microsoft PowerPoint real-time presentation translation add-in

Through an add-in called Presentation Translation, viewers now can understand in real-time what the presenter saying because of its presentation capabilities.

If the Skype’s real time translation feature makes you impressive, you will likely be surprised by Microsoft’s new PowerPoint “Presentation Translation” add-in. It is not focus on making you slides multilingual, instead it will translate your voice in real time using an iOS, Android or Windows app as you go over your presentation. It also has another function to generate a link that viewer can user to view translations in their own language.

At the Build conference, the company displayed how the feature can translate Spanish and Chinese sentences in real-time. It works very well for the Spanish sentences, giving out a readable translation on trial. There was a few more trial for Chinese when it tried to understand the Chinese phrase “AI is fantastic.”

This technology is still in its early stages, the feature is a smart way for Microsoft to prove the capabilities of its Cognitive Service tools. Making videos easily searchable or quickly indexing a series of images are the features that developers can use. It is a huge part if Microsoft’s AI plays, so it is wise for the company to give us a helpful sample if how it could benefit average consumers.



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