MG E- Motion be a Green supercar concept for 2017 Auto Shanghai

MG, a British automaker,  recently has released some images of E-Motion supercar concept before the 2017 Auto Shanghai.

The model is a full-blown mystery, because the company is keeping quiet on details so far. However, through the released images we can see some features of this car. It seems that MG is the new name for everyone so that they want to bring their E-Motion to Auto Shanghai.

The front part of the sports car is characterized by a large chrome-plated grille, LED headlamp. Other notable stylistic elements include large wheels, butterfly doors, panoramic sunroof and Ferrari’s style rear end.

On transmission, the power of MG E-Motion is expected to be derived from the electric motor block that can help the car accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds, the range of car moving there can be up to 482 km.

So far, there have no further information about this car. We hoping that at the Auto Shanghai Show, we will see more details about this new concept.

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