McLaren 720S produces impressive 698 horsepower when running Dyno

Compared to McLaren P1, McLaren 720S has slightly lower but the McLaren 720 S is faster than the P1 on some races.

Although Malaren 720 does not have the power of the P1, it is much cheaper price than Malaren P1. In fact, McLaren 720s contains a lot of potential abilities; this has been proved through some tests.

McLaren says the standard 720S is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 supercharged engine producing 710 horsepower, which combined with a lighter weight of 250 kilogram than McLaren P. These announcements were released cautiously by the British car company

Recently, a standard McLaren 720S has been sent to Dyno (a laboratory that measures strength, torque or drag, emissions, speed, engine parameters). This supercar is run three times and delivers amazing power levels – 694, 696 and 698 hp with rear-wheel drive. The maximum torque the car has achieved is 759Nm.

However, the above horsepower figures are the end result after 15% of the power is consumed by the transmission, which means that the new 720S actually produces about 800 horsepower.

Currently, Boost Addict has not announced specific Dyno testing conditions, but it is clear that McLaren’s new supercar will gain real strength in the range announced by the company.



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