Mazda and the dream of a world without traffic accidents

Mazda is a well known car manufacturer with safety technologies that protect drivers and passengers and traffic participants. This article will give a brief overview of Mazda’s outstanding safety features.


I-ACTIVSENSE® is advanced technology aimed at safety. This system uses milli-wave radar and camera to help the driver get along with the surrounding environment while keeping the focus on the car.

Thanks to I-ACTIVSENSE®, the driver can fully trust and relax while driving a Mazda because the system will work continuously to alert the driver of potential dangers, avoid collisions or reduce the severity of inevitable collisions. This is a feature of Mazda’s Jinba-Ittai philosophy of connecting people and vehicles.


Mazda’s proactive safety technology helps drivers avoid accidents by supporting the ability to anticipate accidents by visual and audible warning.


Safety technology to avoid frontal collision front of the car helps reduce the severity of impact when inevitable.


Mazda’s passive safety technology includes a SKYACTIV®-Body ring structure, safety belt with turbocharger and load limitation, anti-mist brake pedals, SRS2 airbags and many more other features. These technologies help protect the driver and reduce the damage (car and passengers) in the event of a collision.


Mazda says it will continue to invest in safety technologies that protect its customers. Mazda’s ultimate goal is to create a world without traffic accidents and the loss of people after the accidents.

With more than 25 research and investments in this technology, Mazda believes its intelligent transport system (ITS) can make Mazda’s dream come true. ITS will help reduce accidents and traffic congestion by receiving and passing information to the driver about the location of pedestrians and other cars (the purpose of avoiding ramps). The technology is not yet complete but it will soon be introduced by Mazda in the near future.

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