Marissa Mayer leaves Yahoo with about $260 million

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest statistics, Mayer owns some 4.5 million shares of Yahoo. With a trading price of $ 52.50 in the middle of yesterday’s session, Yahoo has given Mayer a fortune of over $ 236 million at current prices.

Mayer will be one of the factors not follow Yahoo on Verizon after the merger. Mayer will be also received $ 23 million in severance payment to walk away from Yahoo. A spokesman for Yahoo had no comment about Mayer’s compensation package.

Yahoo’s Mayer’s journey with Yahoo has never been smooth. Many people even claim that she never really reproduced what she did at Google. The decision to buy a $ 1 billion Tumblr blog for $ 1 billion has never been effective.

Not only that, while sitting on the CEO, Mayer has not set a clear direction for Yahoo to focus on mobile or social networking. Worse, over the past two years, Yahoo has been involved in a series of scandals about leaks of user personal information. But to say the same, the move to Yahoo was not a wise move of Mrs. Mayer.

When she joined Yahoo, Mayer faced jumbles from past mistakes by former two former CEOs Terry Semel and Carol Bartz. That is not to mention Scott Thompson, a senior politician of PayPal who was in the position only a few months before the launch in early 2012.

In the end, Mayer’s biggest success was probably the sale of Yahoo’s major deal to Verizon for $ 4.5 billion, though the company lagged behind Google in search. As well as Facebook in the social networking market.


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