Many US businesses stop advertising on YouTube

AT&T, Verizon, GSK, Enterprise simultaneously withdrew ads from YouTube and Google’s web advertising services.

The companies’ decision was made after The Times of London said their brand appeared next to videos containing malicious content.

These are the first companies in the US stop advertising on YouTube. Earlier, many businesses in the UK had similar moves and forced Google representatives to publicly apologize.

“YouTube has finally paid a hefty price for hosting malicious content,” Mashable said.

US companies have decided this just one day after Google announced a slew of new tools that allow advertisers control where their ads better. However, Google’s actions seem not to be convincing enough.

“We are deeply concerned that our ads appear alongside the bad stuff on YouTube, terrorism promoting and counterfeit information,” AT&T spokesperson said in an email. “Until Google can ensure this does not happen again, we’ve stopped advertising on Google’s non-search platforms.”

The non-search platforms in AT&T’s notice include YouTube and display ads. The AT & T representative also confirmed that the company’s removal was conducted globally.

Verizon also issued a statement stating that it immediately stopped advertising after being informed of the issue. They are reviewing and working with partners to avoid similar situations in the future.

Meanwhile, the car rental company Enterprise expressed a stern attitude: “There is no doubt that serious errors need to be resolved. We suspended all advertising on YouTube while waiting for our media representatives to work with Google to find the way to minimize risks and concerns.”

The GSK pharmaceutical company said it found respect when Google took the first steps to solve the problem, but still stopped advertising on Google platforms until the problem is fixed.

“Naming our brand next to extreme content is completely unacceptable. We have expressed a direct concern to Google,” the representative of this brand shared.

Earlier, many major UK advertising partners such as HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, L’Oreal and Havas UK also stopped advertising on YouTube.

Google does not comment on the brands’ decisions but insists they are working to resolve them.

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