Lumia 650 – beautiful design for the low-end segment

Advanced design

Design is the feature which is gained the highest appreciation on the Lumia 650. This is Microsoft’s first Windows 10 Mobile device comes with a high-end design with metal frame around the machine, although the back is still made of plastic. The phone comes in two colors, white (white back cover + silver frame) or black (black back cover + black bezel).

At a glance Lumia 650, people can see a style quite similar to the iPhone 5, especially the white version. This is not a bad thing, because the iPhone 5 has proven to be one of the few design products that are still impressive at the moment.

Not only that, the machine is pretty thin, even thinner than the iPhone 6S, a great achievement for a cheap mid-range smartphone like the Lumia 650. Meanwhile, the weight of the machine is considered to be quite light. The downside to this lightweight is that it loses a bit of premium feeling.


The Lumia 650 is a cheap mid-range product, so you would not be expecting a robust specs on the product. The machine has a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 megapixel front camera and 5 megapixel front for selfie. That’s why Microsoft’s phones are cheap.

However, not all specifications are bad. The Lumia 650 only has a 5-inch 720p screen, but this is AMOLED technology that makes the display look better and the colors are fresher. This screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Microsoft equips the Lumia 650 with 16GB of memory, but in return everyone can expand the storage space via a microSD card slot with up to 200GB of storage for the needs of storing movies, photos, music.

Performance and ability to work

Because of its low-end specs, the Lumia 650 can not deliver fast performance, but it will not disappoint. Windows 10 Mobile is good at managing background tasks and working stability on low-end hardware. The operating system on the Lumia 650 works smoothly with swiping, while loading the application is good.

When dealing with most applications, there will be very few problems unless you are planning on playing the game on this device. Playing 3D games is clearly not the strength of the Lumia 650, but quite a few 2D games work well.

Compared with the cheap Lumia 550, the Lumia 650 has an almost identical internal hardware configuration, except for some factors like the Snapdragon 210 on the Lumia 550, while the Lumia 650 is   the Snapdragon 212.


The Lumia 650 has quite good battery life that allows users to easily use one day’s work for basic work. The handset has a 2,000mAh, though not great considering elements such as AMOLED displays, 720p resolution and a lower speed processor, it’s not surprising that the phone meets the needs of the times.

Even when trying to work in more power, the Lumia 650’s battery keeps the machine running for a relatively longer period of time. The tests show that the product is really a good choice for business users planning to use the Lumia 650 for business-oriented. In a nutshell, this handset will get you a working day before charging again.

Camera quality

The camera on the Lumia 650 is only rated as average. Cameras are quite in daylight conditions, but at night the pictures are subject to many interference problems. In particular, the auto focus on the Lumia 650’s camera is not really perfect, allowing users to manually adjust the focus through the built-in option in the Camera application.

Another disappointment of the Lumia 650 is the lack of a dedicated camera button, meaning that to access the camera, you will have to open the Camera application on Windows 10 Mobile.

But whatever the case with the Lumia 650, the product comes with a good camera when comparing the price. If you really care about photography, people can look for more advanced smartphones, and of course the price will be higher.


Lumia 650 comes with the old build version of Windows 10 Mobile, meaning that users who own the machine must install some updates before continuing with the device. The version that comes with the Lumia 650 is 10.586.11, which is quite slow.

Moreover, Lumia comes with many old applications, so you will have to spend considerable time to update the application through the Windows Store. There are currently 40 applications that require updates, but once the update is done, things will be a little better.

Once you have installed the latest software update, your phone will work more efficient and stable than the original. The new update to Windows 10 Mobile actually makes the operating system smoother on Lumia 650 devices, and that’s something Microsoft is constantly advising people to update their device to the operating system version.

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