London terrorist used Whatsapp to send offensive messages

Khalid Masood, a terrorist man by car in England, used WhatsApp service to send encrypted messages minutes before action.

According to Yahoo, About two minutes before Khalid Masood drove wildly into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge (UK), who opened WhatsApp, a Facebook chat service, to send encrypted messages. Masood was shot dead after four killed and several others injured.

Home Secretary, Amber Rudd has urged WhatsApp as well as other encrypted messaging platforms to allow police and intelligence to snoop on the information legally. “We need to make sure that WhatsApp and similar services do not become a secret place for terrorists to exchange information,” she said.

According to Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, WhatsApp must hand over encrypted messages EPA

Rudd did not disclose the details of what Masood had used for WhatsApp, but said that “the terrorist sent a message and could not read it.”

Rudd’s request about a “backdoor” for the authorities to collect information is belied by the tech community as it may affect businesses and users.

In the US, Apple has opposed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) ‘s request to unlock the iPhone used by terrorists in San Bernardino. The FBI initially claimed to only be able to get data with Apple’s help, but later tried to hack the machine.

In April of 2016, WhatsApp turned on end-to-end encryption for more than 1 billion members. With this method, all exchanged information, attachments or calls through this service are protected. Terminal encryption allows recipients to know what information is being sent, but even service providers such as WhatsApp itself can not access it.

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