List of top Information Technology universities in the United States

QS magazine has published the list of famous universities in Information Technology in the world. 7 of the top 10 are United States universities. Not only is it dominating the world’s technology system, the United States is also confident that its technical facilities are at the top. The top IT industry leader in the United States is MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The top universities rankings are based on a number of factors: the technical infrastructure, the number of graduate students employed, and reputable journals citing or evaluating the quality of the training… Now, let’s take a look at this list of top universities:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This university is located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States, is famous academy in the fields such as management, economy, language … especially science and technology. The institute has 6 member universities, such as Technical University of Aeronautics and Space; Biology Engineering, Chemistry; Environmental and Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Science and Materials Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Science and Nuclear Technology…

One thing is special compared to other universities in the world, the number of postgraduate students in MIT in many times more than the number of college students. MIT’s postgraduate programs here are also rated as one of the top 10 programs in the United States.

2. Stanford University

It is a private university located in Silicon Valley – the headquarters of many large companies: Yahoo, Google… The university is also in the top universities with the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The second largest area in the world, and in the top 4 universities of the quality of education in the United States.

The most recent surveys show that Stanford is in the top 3 universities in the world to be dreamed of by students around the world. In addition to the “prime location”, the university’s facilities include 14 specialized libraries, a Green Library and a digital library. Professors at the school almost won the Nobel Prize.

3. California/Berkeley University

The university has quite a few names, such as: Cal, UCB, UC Berkeley, or Berkeley. The university has a very diverse education system, which is considered to be the spearhead of the university: physics, chemistry, biology, in which physics is the leading field.

Many scientific inventions at this school have influenced the whole world, such as the Manhattan Project – which produced the first atomic bomb of World War II.

4. Harvard University

At this university of dreams, a rumor has been rumored: The son of the Chinese ambassador in an interview with the university said “In the high school years I was not an excellent student, but I was still accepted. Why: Because they are only interested in my future, not interested in things of the past”. And the class of this school is that it does not create a man with only a degree.

Known as a university dedicated to noble children, tuition at Harvard is always in the “crowded”. However, the scholarship to enter this university is everywhere, just waiting for you to search. The libraries, canteen and all of Harvard are beautiful, splendid. Its popularity probably, no paper and pen can say all.

5. Caltech University (California Institute of Technology)

The school is comprised of sub-branches: Biology, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Geology and Planetology, Humanities and Sociology; Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy.

6. UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

As a member of the University of California System, the school has a standardized training program in the world. Fields of study in technology: Applied Science, Film and Television Communication, International Economic Relation.

7. Carnegie Mellon University

The school was established in 1967 in the United States. Mellon is always ranked as the most prestigious school in the United States, also the No. 1 university in Information Technology with a major in Computer Science and Information Systems.

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