Line also follows the trend, launching smart speakers have a very cute design

Besides messaging app, Line has launched its own smart speaker integrated digital assistants.

Western tech giants are not the only people trying to develop ways to help uses talk to their computers. Line, a Japanese leading technology company, has put steps on that field. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would develop a digital assistant and smart speaker.

The basic functionality of Line’s smart speakers is similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo. Specifically, you can play music, make lists, set alarms, etc.

However, Line’s products also have their own secret weapon: the design is quite “cute”. You can see a pair of Line speakers (named Charm) based on two popular mascots: Brown and Sally that anyone using the Message app also knows. These images are not all, Line confirms that some “simple and easy to move” speakers will be available in the winter of 2017.

Line’s flagship smart speaker is named Wave and is expected to be sold in Japan this fall for $ 136. Like other company speakers, Wave will have integrated Clova digital assistant. User can maintain a calendar and to-do list, get information from the web, control their smart home gadgets and even “engage in regular conversations.”

Like Apple’s HomePod, Line also encourages its customers to use its smart speakers to stream music online from Line Music. The company is also working with a third smart speaker with an integrated display.

With the launch of smart speakers and digital assistants, Line is seeking to expand its reach across Asia. Clova will be able to speak Japanese and Korea. This application is only available in some countries, though its features are diverse such as reading news, job seeking and taxi booking.

Takeshi Idezawa, Executive director said that there has been a major change in the post smartphone world, connected devices will penetrate deeper into our daily lives and become even closer to needs, languages and cultures.

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