Light Phone- Phone for people who love simple things

You can not text in this phone, store only 9 numbers but Light Phone is sold for $ 150.

Smartphones must be familiar to us because of their usefulness, they help us relax, entertain or serve the work of every human being. Recently, there is a simple, lightweight, simple phone designed for people who are less dependent on technology but still have the same voice and call features as traditional desktop phones. .

The size of this phone is small and very thin. The length of the machine is only 85.6mm, the width of the machine is 53.98mm, the device is 4mm thick. This size is as small as a ATM card. According to the company, the Light Phone can “hear and call”, save 9 numbers in the phone’s contact and can display time.

The phone can not take pictures, listen to music or even text messages, and it is well suited for students to communicate with family, relatives or frequent travelers as it is a compact phone.

The good point of the Light Phone is that the owner can create an account and install on his Smartphone, which allows the light phone to receive and make calls from the other device. This way of working is quite similar to the current Smartwatch.

Light Phone is equipped with MTK6250 chips, the display is Dot-Matrix Display (color matrix screen point) with 2G GSM connection (However users will have to pay $ 5 / month to use the service). This is a devcie running on a shortened version of Android. The machine has two color choices: black and white. According to the production company, the machine has a standby time of 20 days and can be used continuously for 3 days.

Light Phone is raised on the Kickstarter site for $ 150 but this product is only sold in the US market. With the feature on the Light Phone will help us get rid of over-dependence on technology and smartphone too much.

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