Liam – Apple iPhone destroyer

Liam is literally destroying the iPhone robot because Apple created it to dismantle 1.2 million of iPhone 6s each year.

Apple has built two robotic systems in California (USA) and the Netherlands since 2016. Named Liam, this robot destroys old iPhone and retains valuable internal components for reuse.

In the latest report in late February 2017, Apple said two Liam machines can remove 2.4 million of iPhone 6s each year at a rate of 11 seconds per handset.

“Every 10,000 iPhones that Liam unloaded, we recovered 190 kg of aluminum, 80 kg of copper, 0.13 kg of gold, 0.04 kg of platinum, 0.7 kg of silver, 5.5 kg of tin and 2, 4 kg of other rare ingredients” Apple shared.

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