At an event in Korea, the LG officially launched a series of products for home use. These are also LG’s outstanding technology products in 2017.

LG InnoFest 2017 is LG’s annual event to showcase the diversity of its products, including consumer electronics and home appliances, to regional business partners, retailers and media. This year, the event was opened on March 7 on Jeju Island (Korea).

The SIGNATURE brand continues to be a highlight at this year’s show, including high end products from LG such as W-series OLED TV, Twin Wash Washer, Hub Robot, and InstaView Door-in Door Refrigerator.

At 2017 InnoFest, LG introduced the premium TV series in 2017, including the award-winning television OLED TV, as well as Super UHD TV with impressive Nano Cell technology.

LG’s Signature OLED TV series at this year’s event includes the signature W-series OLED TV, alongside the signature OLEDs, G7, E7, C7, and B7. They all come in a variety of different screen sizes. In addition, LG also introduced LG SUPER UHD TVs with Nano Cell deliver consistent colors at wider viewing angles.

The most prominent in the OLED TV Series 2017 of LG is the W OLED TV with a design less than 4 mm thin, creating the illusion of looking at a window when mounted on the wall, also known as Picture-on-Wall. While the OLED version of the G7 has a Picture-in-Glass design incorporating a SoundBar sound system that can stand or fold down when the G7 is mounted on a wall.

The LG E7 OLED TV also features a Picture-in-Glass design, delivering impressive display quality, while the perfect sound with Dolby Atmos speakers. Furthermore, the OLED TVs C7 and B7 have an ultra-slim design to minimize space occupancy.

Super UHD TV with Nano Cell technology is also introduced to provide extremely accurate color rendering. The Nano Cell displays get impressive image quality because of absorbing excess wavelengths of light, enhancing the purity of the display. Ability to absorb wavelength of light allows LG’s new LCD screen to filter specific colors with much greater accuracy.

Nano Cell technology dramatically reduces color fading, image stabilization, and other color defects. This technology also brings color to a wider viewing angle, with almost no difference in color between the front-facing viewers and those watching at a 60-degree angle to the screen.

Meanwhile, the latest Smart TV webOS 3.5 platforms has a user-friendly interface, comes with improvements for easier control and quicker access to the Magic Remote and Magic Link features.

LG has added a range of new products to the IOT ecosystem at InnoFest 2017, including Hub Robot and InstaView Door-in-Door smart refrigerators.

Hub Robot is essentially a digital assistant who can complete a number of family tasks through voice recognition technology when connected to other LG smartphones at home.

The Robot Hub is also equipped with an interactive screen that comes with a variety of information such as pictures in the refrigerator and even recipes with sound and visual instructions. In addition, it has the ability to perform a variety of other tasks, including music playback, notification settings, reminder reminders as well as weather and traffic updates.

With a friendly silhouette design, Hub Robot can interact with the whole family in a variety of ways. It can move and rotate in place, can also make a variety of emotions through the front screen. It’s smart enough to track indoor activities, identify faces of family members, watch people go out, go home, or go to sleep.

In addition, LG has also introduced the InstaView Door-in-Door, the smart refrigerator that the company demonstrated at 2016 IFA. This refrigerator has an additional 29 inch LCD touch screen that offers a host of convenient features. It allows users to write a food list, check shelf life and even view items stored in the refrigerator without opening the door through the Knock On feature.

Images inside the refrigerator can be collected from the 2 MP cameras with wide-angle lens and sent directly to the owner’s smartphone. At the same time, the sensors inside can collect environmental data, put the refrigerator into power saving mode when the user is sleeping or leaving home.

Based on Windows 10, the LG Smart Refrigerator can also download and run a wide range of applications from the Windows 10 Store, including Allrecipes, Pandora and Netflix. Users can follow recipes, listen to music and enjoy a movie on the refrigerator door.

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