LG G6 – 3200mAh capacity battery, non-removable because of waterproofing

LG G6 will have 3200 mAh capacity battery…

LG G6 seems to be taking stuff that made the LG G5 great and double down on it. It will have a bigger display screen, better and more consistent design and a larger battery.

The anonymous source says LG G6 can reach to 12- hour battery life on standard internet.  An LG official explained that choosing forgo the removable battery  help this phone dust and water-proof. Furthermore, he mentioned an app called LG G6 Smart Doctor helps to diagnose potential problems with the devices and suggesting possible solutions for users.

Customer safety is one of the most important consideration for major smartphone makers. Therefore, besides G6 smart Doctor, LG G6 also is equipped with copper cooling system to prevent the LG G6 from disintegrating in your hands.

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