Lexus LS 500h was officially introduced at the Geneva Motor Show 2017

Immediately after the arrival of the Lexus LS 500h model equipped with the dual supercharger V6 engine at the North American International Motor Show 2017 in Detroit, the LS 500h continues to demonstrate how Lexus sets new benchmarks for a The luxury sedan top. LS 500h with bold design, exciting operation and delicate appeal to satisfy the expectations of the young class.

Faithful to the parallelism of the parallel philosophy, the philosophy shapes the design of the next generation of LS. Lexus has created a car that ensures the spacious and comfortable space of a luxury sedan. The LS 500h retains the stylish look of a four-door coupé – a boldly attractive fit for young luxury customers.

Lexus design engineers have taken advantage of the low center of gravity and optimal gravitational distribution from the LS’s GA-L chassis to create a lower chassis and longer wheelbase to provide a superficial appearance for the car. Compared with the current LS, the new model is 15 mm lower, while the front and rear hoods are lowered to 30 and 40 mm respectively. The new LS has a base length of 3,125 mm, 35 mm longer than the current LS 600h L base length.


Not only a breakthrough with the design of the six side windows, the LS 500h also impresses the other with the design of the grille style featured throughout the car. In particular, the woven mesh grille can change colors at different angles of light.

In the interior, the engineers of Lexus inspired the design from Omotenashi to express the idea of “progressive comfort.”

The control panel has an organic design style, displaying all the information at the same height to support the “on-site control” design direction. This allows the driver to operate all feature systems without changing positions.

In addition to the 12.3-inch display, LS 500h has the world’s largest 24-inch HUD display option – displaying all important car information and operating at the driver’s level.

28-way power front seats with heating, cooling and massage functions. The back seat is equipped with heating, cooling and massage options. Particularly for advanced seat options, the rear seats incorporate the “Shiatsu” technology and adjustable footrest.

In addition, the rear seat-back seat structure in this optional package can be tilted 48 degrees and the seat-side up to 24 degrees to assist passengers when leaving the car. Lexus is also investing ceaselessly in the rear seat, showing a smooth, seamless design between the back and seat surfaces.

In addition to the attractive information system with attractive graphical interface, the car also equipped with a new generation Lexus touch-screen interface. The touch interface works just like the smartphone interface, which supports handwriting recognition, and the car is also equipped with a premium Pioneer audio system.

Lexus also offers an optional air suspension system with assisted-out function. Activated when unlocked with intelligent keys, auto-lift-in assistance and high seat lift to open the seat cushions to welcome the driver. To ensure the interior space height when the car ceiling is lowered, the new LS is equipped with open sliding sunroof on the outside of the ceiling.

In particular, LS interior cabinets adopt new sound absorption methods, to ensure absolute quiet throughout the journey. The Active Noise Control feature keeps the interior quiet by detecting engine sounds coming into the cab and canceling the audio frequencies in the given range. This principle uses the inverted phase emitted by the in-car speaker system.

The Lexus LS 500h is equipped with a 3.5L V6 Dual VVT-i gasoline engine and two electric motors, which together operate at a maximum output of 354hp / 264kW. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.4 seconds. The engine achieves lower revs per minute when running at high speeds, and the LS 500h can only use electric power to run at higher speeds, up to 140 km / h, when the gasoline engine is switched off.

According to the company, the LS 500h is equipped with a compact lithium-ion hybrid battery.

This battery is 20% smaller than the current nickel-metal hydride battery on the current Lexus LS 600h, but has a higher charge density.

With the use of lithium-ion batteries, the luggage compartment capacity of the LS 500h is increased by 25 liters compared to the LS 600h.

The use of lithium-ion battery technology also reduces the weight of the material, thereby reducing the total mass of the car. This contributes to increased fuel economy, reduced emissions and increased vehicle balance.

Not only impressed with its design, performance, LS 500h, it also draws attention when it comes to owning a sturdy chassis with optimal weight distribution. The low center of gravity contributes to the stability and versatility of the vehicle. This is also the highest-powered chassis in Lexus history, which allows for multi-link suspension calibration to achieve excellent responsiveness.

In addition, the car also incorporates many of the top safety technologies: 14 airbags, Lexus CoDrive high-performance driver assistance systems that control the driver’s steering wheel and provide continuous on-road driving assistance. Highway. The Lexus Safety System + equipped with the LS 500h adds an advanced safety system, featuring the world’s first self-discovery pedestrian and active steering …

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