Lenovo Yoga 510 – The laptop has a 15.6 inch swivel 360 degrees

Lenovo Yoga 510 has a separate numeric keypad, large touchpad, Harman speakers and multi-touch screen.

Unlike earlier Yoga generations that have small screens, the 510 version features a large 15.6-inch screen for desktop replacement needs. The machine is in the mid-range segment, competing for the Asus K501 or Dell Inspiron N3500.
It weighs 2.08 kg, which is a lot lighter than the 2.3 kg average, such as the Asus A556 or the Dell Inspiron N3567 and the same screen size. The thinness is 21.4 mm. The large touchpad, hand-painted aluminum surface rests comfortably in the hands, but it is easy to stick to sweaty hands. The more expensive model also has the option of fingerprint sensor.
Standard size chiclet keyboard and full numeric keypad, convenient for office users. The bounce rate and sensitivity of the keys are good, but the short keys need more time to get used to. Compared to some other mid-range Lenovo machines, Lenovo Yoga 510 has changed its large, easy-to-navigate navigation keys, instead of the narrow, diminished keypad, like the Dell Inspiron N56xx. Keyboard backlight – equipped with capital for high-end laptops also appeared.
The Yoga 510’s special feature compared to its competitors is 360-degree rotating display and multi-touch support. This laptop can be used in the position of laptop, tablet, tent and presentation. Swivel firmly from about 30 degrees to 150 degrees. Out of this rotation, the laptop easily folds down into shell or tablet form.
Due to the special swivel mechanism, heat sinks are fed to the center of the hinge by Lenovo. Regular laptops put heat sinks on the bottom and sides. The machine has 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB of hard drive and slightly older processor is Intel Core i3-6100U. Price is equivalent but more rotation touch screen so the machine is not as well configured models as the Asus K501 and Dell Inspiron N3567 (both use the KabyLake generation instead of SkyLake).
The laptop is fully equipped with a USB 3.0 port, a USB port that charges the smartphone when it’s turned off, HDMI and Gigabit LAN.
On the left is the power jack, USB, headphone jack and SD card slot. This model removes the optical drive for optimum thinning and weighing.
At a 72% battery, the remaining talk time is up to 5 hours 20 minutes. In fact, if using the web browsing, word office, time use is about 70%.
The exterior of Yoga 510 is made of plastic luminescent, quite similar to the recent ThinkPad line. This surface is difficult to stain, but the fingerprints are quite clear and slightly difficult to clean.

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