Kong: Skull Island theme for Sony Xperia phone

Japanese mobile operator has released a free theme to catch up with the trend of new Hollywood movie – Kong: Skull Island.

Theme was designed by Sony based on movie Kong: Skull Island. This theme has a movie poster background, while the navigation keys are also adjusted to the dominant orange tone.

Besides, Sony’s theme is dynamically designed (live wallpaper), as the user tilts the corner of the phone to see the helicopter image, the soldiers change. The theme also included photos for the lock screen, which took close up of Kong monkey.

Sony Xperia’s smartphones and tablets can download free Kong: Skull Island theme on the Play Store.

The new King Kong movie is set in Vietnam. This is the first time Vietnam has met a big crew like Kong: Skull Island. The entire cast of 225 staff members of the crew worked for about a month in Vietnam last year.

Production team Kong: Skull Island recorded from huge untouched caves in Quang Binh to the peaceful town of Phong Nha, from Ninh Binh province to the famous Halong Bay. Many of the masses in the film are Vietnamese.

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