Kaspersky’s holding its leading position in annual TOP 3

Development with the complexity of cyberthreats and cybercrime, Kaspersky Lab products have achieved the highest percentage (90%) in the first of three positions of the poison control studies compared with other suppliers, more than in previous years and up to 8% over 2015. 

Kaspersky Lab continued to excel in the top 3 for cybersecurity, achieving the highest position in four consecutive years for independent tests throughout the year. The consistency and quality proved that Kaspersky Lab provides the best in network security. It is more important that the growth of top 3 of Kaspersky Lab products also increase year by year, which confirm its market leadership position.

Launched from Kaspersky Lab, Top 3 is a regular annual which is about the performance of provider in a series of independent network security tests. Individuals and business products have been sent for independent tests through the year have been compared in the top 3 indicators and providers are evaluated based on the protection that they provide to against the unknown threats. As it name, top 3 figures are taken to rank the top 3 companies as having the highest scores in the years. Each provider will receive the mark base on the top three positions in their participating tests.

The process of testing is extremely strict and only clear and transparent tests can be included in the supplier rankings, the AV test and AV comparatives which dominated the ranking is also perform at the prestigious laboratories such as SElabs and Virusbulletin. All of this labs are highly regarded fro their transparency in tests and hold important positions in the industry that are trustworthy and dependable.

In 2016, Kaspersky Lab took part in 78 independent tests, analyzing user protection against ransomware, financial malware, attacking APTs, etc. the company’ products ranked in top 3 in 7- test. It is more impressive that the company not only gets the highest results in this field but also maintains its leading position within 4 years.



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