Kaspersky released Kaspersky OS after 14 years of development

Kaspersky OS has been created based on an in-house microkernel. This operating system is made for embedded system…

According to Neowin, Kaspersky a cybersecurity and antivirus brand, has announced Kaspersky OS. This secure operating system is use for network devices, industrial control system and the Internet of Things(IOT).

In a post his blog, Eugene Kaspersky CEO of this company said that this product has been in working for 14 years. Kaspersky OS was developed based on Microkernel Architecture, this new one allows users to perform more customized to suit users requirement. This platform focus strongly on security features in which depending on the particular requirement of the users, they can use blocks of different adjustment of the operating system to design Kaspersky OS and prevent it from specific action.

Integrated security system in Kaspersky OS can take control of “behavior” of apps and modules. Kaspersky said that hackers cannot get their operating system because of being illegal penetration, hackers have to break the digital signature of the account holder, and this can be only done by quantum computers.

Eugene Kaspersky also emphasized that Kaspersky OS is considered as a project offering not a boxed product, which mean its price will vary according to the needs and the level of safety that customers want to apply. Cited applications of this product including Internet of Things, telecommunication equipment, connected cars, etc.

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