Kaspersky has a free version: does not exploit users’ data


Kaspersky is a well-known and highly regarded antivirus software, however, not many people have the ability to use it because it is a fee software. This will officially change today, recently, Kaspersky has officially launched free version of this famous antivirus software.

Kaspersky says it has been developing the app for the last 1.5 years, including market research, research, analysis and customization to make the following decisions:

– The free Antivirus version will not compete directly with the paid version. The free version will lack some of the paid version features such as parental controls, online payment protection, and VPN. According to Kaspersky, these are features that users will easily consider putting money out to own.

– There are many users do not want to spend money for a good quality antivirus software. So, they will choose the free solution which is not very effective, including the Windows Defender tool comes with the operating system.

– The large installed amount of Kaspersky Free will increase the security level of all users (including paid users), as it will have more malicious code to process.

Because of these three reasons, Kaspersky decided to launch free antivirus software. It includes basic features like file scans, email scans, instant messaging, and malicious and phishing websites. The company said Kaspersky’s unique malware-identification technology is very advanced and quite similar to the paid version.

Despite having the lower number of features, Kaspersky Free also requires less system resources than the paid version. The company also claims that, unlike some other free antivirus programs (often tracking users for advertising and violating their privacy rights to benefit the maker), Kaspersky Free will not experience this situation.

The company said it would launch the software in several times, including the first in the United States, Canada and several countries in the Asia Pacific region.

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