iPhone 8 with a perfect transparent screen

There are many different concepts on iPhone; however, it is a pity that Apple seems to be unable to apply these wonderful concepts to their real products because of the impossibility.

iPhone 8 is one of the most concerned technology products which promises an innovative design after a long period of time unchanged. Besides that, there will be many new functions inside iPhone 8 which will be much more impressive than its previous version because it should be noticed that iPhone 8 is for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Apple.

Recently, there have been many designs introduced thanks to the leakage of information. It is possible for iPhone 8 to have a transparent screen with optical sensor, soft-rounded edges and the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor integrated in the below part of screen.

It can be seen that the new version of iPhone 8 will be an innovation in design; therefore, it is worth waiting for the release of it.

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