iPhone 8’ leaks images with a neat design

This image is posted on a reliable Twitter account with the high degree of completeness exactly the same as a complete Apple product.

It can be seen that the front of the devices is smaller than the images supposed by the previous iPhone 8. Besides, the rounded angle of the device creates a sense of neat. However, the notable point is there is no occurrence of hole at front camera.

Behind the device seems to be made from glass, glittering far more than previously leaked images. The rear dual camera section is protruding, larger in size and thicker than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, the left side of the device is still the place where the volume up and down and the silent fast-forward switch, while the right edge is not present in both pictures.

Besides, the fingerprint sensor does not appear, most likely this feature will also not be integrated into the screen. According to many source, Apple is still struggling to know what kind of fingerprint sensor technology will be apply to iPhone 8.

Some pictures of the iPhone 8 on a Weibo account appeared and stirred public opinion in May. However, according to Phone Arena, these are just fake images. Bloomberg added Apple has not decided which design to use for the iPhone 8, and may be late for the launch date and the product on the shelves because of difficulties in integrating the home key under the glass. .

As expected, the iPhone 8 will be introduced in September this year. In the next 3 months, it is not excluded that the defective apple will continue to make many adjustments to the hardware on this highly anticipated product.

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