iPhone 8 has the best smartphone camera

DxOMark reviews Apple’s new duo phone (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus) with excellent imaging capability, better than the HTC U11 or Google Pixel.

The iPhone is considered to be a device that initiates the movement on mobile devices, but Apple’s ability to record video on the phone is quickly catching up with Android devices. But with the two new products sold recently, the iPhone has returned spectacularly in both top positions.

Accordingly, the iPhone 8 reached 92 DxOMark points, while the iPhone 8 Plus to 94 DxOMark points, beat the Google Pixel or HTC U11 the same score of 90 points. The excellent HDR shooting capability, color balance and sharp 2x optical zoom lens are factors that help Apple’s smartphone achieve high scores.

But to do better, Apple needs to improve its ability to capture images and video in low light conditions. Previous generations and up to the iPhone 8, 8 Plus were not appreciated at this point, photos and video with low light appeared quite a lot of noise.

The score does not determine all the camera quality of a device but will be a factor for users to refer when choosing. With the iPhone X, the machine is expected to deliver higher results thanks to a larger aperture camera, supporting optical anti-shake on both lenses.

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