iOS 11 can kill nearly 200,000 apps on the App Store

About 187,000 32-bit apps on the App Store will be unusable and discarded because iOS 11 is fully compatible with 64-bit platform.

According to company analyst and tracking application Senser Tower, in the latest iOS 10.3 beta, Apple has included a pop-up message saying “This application will not work with future versions of iOS” if turned on any 32-bit application. As such, 32-bit applications will not be able to be used on future iOS versions, most recently iOS 11. This platform is expected to launch in September this year, at WWDC 2017.

Senser Tower data show that there are more than 187,000 apps on the App Store with only 32-bit support. However, the actual numbers may be larger, as 64-bit processors are available from September 2013, but until June 2015 Apple has asked developers to support the 64- Bit.

With this action, Apple will probably eliminate many of the top 32-bit applications, multi-users applications, and applications that appear first in the App Store. Users of older iPhones such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 … will be affected, as they only run 32-bit processor.

Earlier, according to Tim Cook – Apple CEO , App Store currently has more than 2.2 million applications, an increase of more than 200,000 applications compared to June 2016. Thus, if iOS 11 launches and removes 32-bit applications, the iOS app store will lose about 8.5% of applications.

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