iOS 10.3 helps iPhone, iPad run faster

In addition to the new features, iOS 10.3 also makes the iPhone, iPad work more smoothly than the old version.

Apple has just launched iOS 10.3 on March 28th with many noteworthy features such as Find My Airpods, new file system, additional features for Siri, CarPlay.

As usual, the new iOS version has a long list of “enhancements and bug fixes” that are generally not perceived by users. However, an Apple engineer has just revealed iOS 10.3 will really help the iPhone, iPad work more smoothly.

Renaud Lienhart, a direct engineer working with iOS 10.3, has revealed on the Twiter that iOS 10.3 has been tweaked and shortened to motion effects. This makes the iPhone interface will feel light and feel faster.

In addition, with the new file format system, millions of iPhones and iPads will also improve in speed. Apple’s APFS format is optimized for read-write speeds on iOS devices. This will be obvious when users copy large data or watch high-definition video.

Many of the graphical interface bugs that persist on iOS 10 have also been fixed on this update.

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