Instagram for Android’s user now can work without Internet

At Facebook F8 conference, the Facebook-owned company announced a new feature for their Instagram app.

Instagram, the picture-focused network, has updated a new feature: the ability of working offline for Android. At the Facebook F8 conference in San Joe, California, on Tuesday, the owner company Facebook announced an update that allows Android’s users to browser on Instagram without need of the internet connection.

You can easily write a comment, like and save photos, follow and unfollow profiles, the app will queue these actions and perform them next time you connect to the internet.

The company affirm that 80% users are outside the U.S and many lack if access to a stable internet connection. It is believed the feature can help Instagram grow in developing countries where the internet is costly, low quality or even non existent. Facebook Light is a good evidence to prove that Instagram can have a power potential if they can satisfy users. Facebook light got 200 million users in less than a year after be released.

Facebook’s platform want to provide users in Asia , Latin America and Africa access to the web with a significant focus on job listing, healthcare and education.



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