Individual BMW M4 Convertible in the red shoes

While BMW M4 Coupe is an ingenious blend of the idea of a high-performance racing car that fits the needs of driving everyday, BMW M4 Convertible is less in performance but it gives a more thrilling feeling when you open the hood.

Due to its heavier weight than the M4 Coupe of 250 kg, this “droptop” is not as fast or as dynamic as the M4 Coupe. However, that is the opinion of reporters, and you may think differently.

The M4 is mentioned in German, it is equipped with a Vossen VPS-314T alloy wheels.

Although bright red wheels can help on some races, but are not sure what they do for the M4 Convertible.

Besides wheels, the suspension was also lowered, leaving only an inch from the ground to the front aerodynamic splitter. It looks weird.

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