Imitated Adobe Flash Player Installer, ‘Snake’ Malware Ported to Mac

Well-known malware Snake has been ported to the Mac for the first time. Snake (Turla and Uroburos), which is noticed as highly-sophisticated, has been infecting Windows systems since 2008 before making its ways to the Mac.

The malware was found this week in an installer masquerading as Adobe Flash Player, hidden inside file named “Install Adobe Flash” It has the same design like a legal Adobe Flash installer but signed by an illegal certificate.

When customers install Adobe Flash Player, they will also install in their computer malicious software, which is then hidden in the Library/ Script/ Folder and disguised as an Adobe launch process.

Apple already revoked the certificate that the snake malware was using to infect Mac device but Mac users should be aware of the possibility.

These users infected by Snake are vulnerable to having data stolen, including login information, passwords and files.



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