IBM annouces to sell a universal quantum computer in ‘the next few years’

The good news for researchers in the fields of medicine, statistics, climatology and others is that IBM has just announced that it plans to sell a quantum computer in the next few years.

Quantum computers can change all of the aforementioned fields by using quantum bits, where information is stored in small particles. In essence, a normal computer needs to execute or compute an equation sequentially, while a quantum computer can calculate all equations simultaneously. This leads to an unbelievable increase in the speed and breadth of the computational models.

Unfortunately, the use of quantum bits is also what hinders construction of quantum computers, because everything around us can interact and disrupt the particles used to store information and destroy the quantum effects needed for a working device.

However, IBM believes they have fixed the problem after spending a lot of time researching quantum computers, at least in term of small enough system. As a result, the company is moving to sell universal quantum computers with 50 quantum bits (qubits) chips called IBM Q in the next few years.

IBM is not the first company in the industry to come up with its plan to sell quantum computers to the market. At the end of last year, Microsoft announced it would put its quantum computer research in its laboratories to technical departments and products. And D-Wave, the only company that today claims to sell a quantum computer, is working on a partnership with Google and NASA.

Still, you should not expect a quantum processor in your phone anytime soon. An IBM universal quantum computer could be sold up to $ 15 million, roughly equivalent to D-Wave’s offering price. Nevertheless, the gradual dissemination of quantum computers to the market will undoubtedly open the future for the user’s benefit.


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