How to activate the security mode in Galaxy S8?

Enable fingerprint, face and iris recognition

After purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S8, the first thing which you have to make sure that only you own this device. To do this thing, you must set up a strong password. Samsung has put in their device some optional password such as iris scanner, face recognition, fingerprint, pin code and picture. Especially, you cannot you iris scanner and facial recognition at the same time, but you can use one of those options with fingerprint.

To set up the fingerprint, search in setting for lock screen and security, then tap the option “fingerprint scanner”. Then, touch the finger you want to use to the sensor on the back of the phone multiple times, using various positions until you reach 100%.

To enable face recognition, select Face Recognition and register your face by using the front camera to position your face inside the highlighted area.

To enable iris security, select iris scanner” hold the device 10 to 14 inches away from your eyes and use the front-facing camera to position your eyes in the highlighted.

Enable Find My Mobile

Losing the phone is one of the most troubles for many people. But if you turn on Find My Mobile, you give yourself more chance to seeking it in the situation you forget it in a taxi, drop it at a bar, etc. search in setting for Find my Mobile and then log in with your Samsung account and enable remote controls and Google location service for more accurate GPS information.

Set up secure folder

Search in setting for Secure folder, sign in to your Samsung account and select which type if authentication you want to us. When the process is completed, the phone will install a new folder somewhere on your home screen that can be used to store sensitive information.



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