How much will the iPhone 8 cost?

The price of the iPhone 8 seems to be lower than some previous estimates but still much higher than the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Users are still waiting for Apple’s invitation for the September event, the time is supposed to be the iPhone 8 will launch.

Until this product launches, rumors continue to appear. Recently, the New York Times entered the rumor race, claiming the iPhone 8 will be priced at about $999. When this prestigious newspaper spoke up, the possibility of rumors became very high.

iPhone 8 is expected to have a very high price.

Apple is expected to introduce three new iPhones in September, the first of which will launch three phones at the same time. Of those, the two are slightly upgraded versions of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and the iPhone 8 have a breakthrough design with a 5.8-inch OLED display.

While the two 7S models are expected to follow Apple’s tradition, the OLED version will be much more expensive. Earlier sources confirmed that the price of the machine will be about $1,400-1,100.

The New York Times offers were much lower than expected but still much higher than the market average. According to a recent survey, only 18% of iPhone users said they would upgrade their product if the iPhone 8 price was $1,000 or more.

With $999, users will probably be able to buy the lowest capacity version of the iPhone 8 (64 GB – rumored). The next versions (256 and 512 GB) can cost $1100 and $1200.

Currently, the most expensive model is the iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB priced at $969. If the $999 price for the 64GB version is correct, the 256 GB model will cost around $1,100, which is $130 higher than the 7 Plus version.

Other noteworthy upgrades to the iPhone 8, in addition to the new screen, can be wireless charging, and a 3D camera with face recognition.

If the price of the iPhone 8 is $999, users will see exciting competition between the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 – the model has launched for $930 (in the US). Note 8 also came out in mid-September, when the iPhone 8 officially sold, according to rumors.

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