How Microsoft redesigns Skype beyond the Snapchat generation

In this era of social media, Skype is thought that it is useful when the users want to have a reliable video call, but it is not the first choice when for chatting. However, Microsoft is ready to update Skype for the Snapchat generation.

The new update is available for Android, it will be available soon for the iOS and computer. When opening app, users will see a contact list in a white background instead of blue. This new feature allows users to change the color theme in the way that they like.

Aesthetics aside, user will see two new tabs on your contact list. The most notable change is the new highlight feature on the left, which is basically another Snapchat stories clone. The Snapchat copying is a broken record, but Highlight is a reflection of what Skype’s users have been asking for. There is one important difference is the highlight lasts a full week instead of the usual 24 hours. There is a button on the right which helps user access your camera from almost anywhere in the app. Users can decorate images and videos with sticker, text and doodles.

Conversations now feature Find that is a catch all search feature that lets users search and share content from the web or within new add-in apps. Import GIFs from Giphy, watch Youtube videos or buy sticker through via StubHub.

All wed search is done by Bing, it is an easy way to share restaurants or locations without having leave the app. And, there are bots which can join in on conversations to provide quick access to information as user need it. However, the video call is the main feature that attack user, and the changes there are ultimately what may come to define the platform in the year to come. Instead of the usual video call, Skype wants user’s video conversation to be as useful and emotive as texting one. User can share photos right on the video stream.

Skype is now not the only one to do video calling, but it still does it better than the rest social media. It is by appealing to its core strengths that Skype can keep its place in and increasing crowded market.



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