How do the Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner and face authentication work?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with an improved iris scanner and face regconition.

 Having a purpose to produce a super safe device, Samsung make their phone with some systems to ensure customer’s personal information. Different from the traditional ways to protect user from the prying eyes such as PIN, pattern or password unlock options, the Galaxy  S8 also offers fingerprint scanner authentication system, iris scanner and face recognition system.

Iris scanning technology is believed as one of the most secure forms of biometric authentication because an iris pattern is impossible to replicate. The iris scanner is actually s camera designed with a very specific function in mind which works along side an infrared LED in order to recognize the unique pattern in user’s iris.

In order to use iris scanner to authenticate yourself, users need to lift the phone to eye level at arm’s length and take time for iris scanner to capture the data. Samsung has improved this technology, now users don’t have align the phone perfectly with your face as long as the eyes are in the viewfinder.

Users can also take advantage of this technology in some of the sensitive activities such as paying or debit account. Moreover, user can scan iris to make purchase with Samsung Pay or Android Pay or check our accounts via Samsung Pass.

Besides, Samsung still decided to add the facial recognition to the Galaxy S8, with the face scanner, the phone can be unlock less than 0.01 seconds.

Users have to choose between the two, if you care the security, you should use the iris scanner. If you want have speed, we advise you choose the face authentication.

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