Honda Civic Type R – the most expected hatchback in Geneva 2017

Finally, the new Honda Civic Type R is expected to be revealed at Geneva 2017 as scheduled.

Hot hatchback fans were delighted that Honda revived the Civic Type R two years ago, but the version launched in Geneva 2017 is really what we expect.

Based on the latest 10-series Civic, the new Type R features a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is tuned to deliver 316hp and 400Nm of torque. This is not a big improvement for the previous generation, but this number should be enough to satisfy the fans.


In addition, Honda Civic Type R is upgraded in many other parts, such as an increase in hardness by 38%. The suspension is also improved to minimize torque guidance and maximize sports handling. The car is equipped with an additional MacPherson Stretcher setup in the front and an independent linkage system on the rear.

All-new Honda Civic Type R races into view at Geneva

Vehicle power is transmitted to the wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox with rev-matching for perfect shift.

In addition, the Honda Civic Type R is equipped with a new steering mode, integrated with active damper, control panel, motion sensor and throttle response. In it, the new Comfort mode will work best when traveling on flat roads other than Sport or + R.

On the exterior, the Civic Type R is equipped with a kit that looks as if it is modeled on a fighter jet, more powerful and attractive than a standard Honda Civic. Honda also promised the new Civic Type R will be the best balance vehicle in the segment between the ability to lift and pull to achieve better body stability.

The new Honda Civic Type R will be available globally, including the US market. Type R production will begin this summer at the Honda plant in Swindon. With the new Type R, Japanese automakers are looking forward to record sales this year.

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